لا شئ يطفئ أنوار الكون في عين الرجل كرحيل امرأه كان يعتبرها أرضه وسماؤه وكونه

Nothing vanishes the light in a man’s eyes like the abandonment of a woman who was his land, sky and universe. 

غسان كنفاني

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It’s 2am
I smoked to try and burn you out of my lungs but now I’m laying here in an empty bed trying to remember when the last time I felt your touch on my skin was
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How can emptiness be so heavy?
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Two Israeli settlers attack a Palestinian kid in the city of Hebron. The Israeli police reacted to the settler’s violence by arresting the victim. An example of an everyday occurrence in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. 

Filmed by Issa Amro.

"ضربني وبكى وسبقني واشتكى"

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

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